OneCoin money launderer Frank Schneider arrested in France


Frank Schneider, a key figure in OneCoin’s money laundering operations, has been arrested in France.

Schneider can also be believed to have tipped off Ruja Ignatova concerning the FBI investigation, resulting in her disappearance.

Schneider (proper) was wished by authorities within the US for his function in OneCoin, a $4 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

Along with tipping Ignatova off, Schneider additionally dealt with OneCoin’s soiled work.

By means of his firm Sandstone S.A., Schneider engaged the UK PR agency Chelgate.

Chelgate, working with the legislation agency Carter Ruck, lobbied UK authorities on OneCoin’s behalf.

This resulted within the Monetary Conduct Authority, the UK’s high monetary regulator, retracting a securities fraud warning issued in opposition to OneCoin.

Looking back, the FCA retraction was one of many worst examples of European regulatory negligence concerning OneCoin.

Schneider, a linked former member of Luxembourg’s secret service, had up till now evaded seize.

As reported by Republicain Lorrain, Schneider was picked up by authorities on a global arrest warrant in Nancy, France. There he’s being held in custody.

He was arrested this Thursday, in a spectacular style, as he was getting ready to cross the Luxembourg border.

French authorities are ready on an extradition request from the US.

As of but we’ve had no phrase from the US facet. Pending extradition of Schneider, hopefully we’ll get entry to an unsealed indictment with full particulars.

If anybody is aware of what occurred to Ruja Ignatova since her 2017 disappearance, it’s Frank Schneider.

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