Forget freshers week: universities Prepare To Teach New

Forget freshers week: universities Prepare To Teach New
Forget freshers week: universities Prepare To Teach New

Forget freshers week: universities Prepare To Teach New First Years Online The sixth trainers, whose A-level exams were canceled due to coronaviruses, may also miss the first year week. Universities have confirmed that they are making plans to start the next academic year online if the social distancing continues.

Vice-Chancellors prepare for the huge potential losses from the lucrative international student market starting in September, following the disruption of learning and end-of-school exams, as well as the English language tests required to enter a UK university United.

And now experts warn that if social distancing measures extend into the fall, many UK-based students could also choose to defer going to college instead of starting the year in their rooms at home.

Nick Hellman, director of the Thinktank think tank at the Institute for Higher Education Policy says: “I am sorry for these young people as their A levels have been disrupted and they will not be able to attend their graduates’ graduations from school.” Now they may not have their coolest weeks, either. “


ONLINE He warns that if home students don’t show up in September, institutions will face a dangerous cut in income. Some universities will begin to fall. Universities will play a valuable role in getting us out of the looming recession, making it more important than ever that they survive. “

Hundreds of university staff will be laid off due to coronavirus
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The vice-chancellors hope to reopen the campuses in time for the new academic year but say they are working on contingency plans in case the shutdown continues, or are forced to close again on short notice if the virus reappears in the winter.

Many institutions propose starting freshman degrees online and moving on to face-to-face classes and teaching in the second trimester, or as soon as campuses can open. But some say this is not a good option for school leavers who have not yet learned to study independently, and who would delay the start of the year until January.

Colin McCaig, professor of higher education policy at Sheffield Hallam University, says: “I have real questions about the willingness or preparation of young people to start an online degree this fall.”


Existing students who are used to studying at university are better able to cope with the disruption of online change teaching for a period or two, he says. “But it is something completely different for young people who have been waiting to start the most common higher education experience.”

Diana Paton, William Robertson’s history professor at the University of Edinburgh, has been talking to her daughter about the possibility that the drama title she plans to start at Queen Mary University of London in September should start online.

“We are advising you to wait and see. But drama is a very practical topic that involves working with other people in the same physical space. So you don’t think it makes sense for you to start studying your degree online, and we of okay, “she says. Forget freshers week: universities Prepare To Teach New

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